Saturday, 15 Aug 2020

The Basics of Growing Leafy Green Vegetables—Kale, Spinach, Lettuce

Leafy green vegetables— such as kale, spinach and lettuce—can be harvested in any moment during their development. Nevertheless, here are some of the basics of growing leafy green vegetables:

When and where to plant leafy green vegetables?

Leafy greens take advantage from the shade during late afternoon to shelter them from the penetrating heat on afternoons.  Intense sunlight might lead to high heat or sunscald; most especially prolonged heat can inhibit their development and can deteriorate their growth. Shade can be offered by some tall-growing plants such as tomatoes and corn, trees, fruiting shrubs, a garden shed or anything. If youwill plant them on the cooler times of the growing season—fall and spring—you will definitely get the best flavor that a leafy green vegetable can offer.


The spacing differs based on the mature size of every kind, or the size at which you intend to harvest them. If you choose harvesting young greens, you have to plant them close together to get the most out of shading one another from intense heat of the sun. When they fully mature, pull them out gently by the root and put them in your mouth since you can eat greens at any stage of their development, even if they’re still sprouts.


Small brassicas and lettuces perform great with simply a compost feeding. However you have to work this in prior to the plantation of the seed, while the compost may smother it. After you transplant the seedlings or the moment the plants have already germinated, you can add compost all around the plants. Make sure to not add compost against them. Once your soil has been worn-out by a heavy feeder, such as corn, prior to a year, you may want to improve your plant with organic fertilizers, which have particular nitrogen (guano) a week before transplanting or planting.


Leafy green vegetables are very tender and are all prone to all types of pests, most especially if the plants are depleted by heat or frost. Squirrels, rabbits and birds are even more deadly, hence, you must always watch out for these animals. You cannot do so much regarding the birds, although an enough layer of liquid fence, which is weekly-delivered, will somehow help in keeping the squirrels and rabbits at bay.


The greatest problem with green vegetables is in a form of mold like downy mildew. When the early season is too wet, mildew spores quickly cover the plant. Moreover, it can overtake and multiple them. There are a few organic solutions to fight mildew, however, they should be used prior to the time when a mold infects the plant.

When to harvest leafy green vegetables?

As mentioned on the first sentence of this article, leafy green vegetables can be harvested during any stage of their development. However, the tastiest ones are definitely the young greens. Also, you can harvest them according on the hardiness of the variety or depending on your local weather condition.


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