Tuesday, 6 Dec 2022

Fall: The Best Time to Plant And Transplant

The best time to plant spring flowering bulbs is the season of Fall, and every gardener knows that. However, trees and shrubs might also be one of your concerns when it comes to planting and transplanting in this type of season.

In Fall, the weather is cooler if compared to the season of Spring. Aside from the convenience of doing activities in the garden without the burden of having to endure extreme heat from the sun, plants thrive in fall temperatures. Plant roots continue to grow until soil temperatures decrease below 45 degrees, which means that plants have plenty of time to develop before they become dormant. For trees, shrubs or flowers, this is important for they will most likely bloom early in the season of spring. Aside from this, plants will less likely experience transplant shock due to the factor of them being less probably subjected to extreme heat exposure.

Experts say that if you plant in the fall, the root growth of your plants will provide them the allowance of having water during hot temperatures in the spring. With this, the stress and chance of having your plants wither when transplanted are significantly reduced, and you will have more chance of thriving in your garden.

Basic rules when it comes to planting and transplanting:

  1. If you intend to do some transplanting, make sure to dig the plant deep so as not to damage the roots. Be careful when doing so, and take note that some plants’ roots extend as much as 1ft from the drip line. However, every plant’s length of roots differs that’s why it’s important to know their differences.
  2. The hole that you wish to transfer the plant should at lead be as twice as wide as the root ball of the plant. Be sure that you use good soil and fertilizer, and water it after the process.
  3. It is better for your plant’s health if you use organic fertilizer. Start 6 inches from the plant’s crown up until the drip line.

One of the perks of growing and transplanting plants in the fall is the fact that nurseries often offer trees, shrubs, and flowers at lesser prices since they’re hard to take care in the winter. Make sure to get the best deal and best picks for your garden, and keep your plants thriving and healthy.