Tuesday, 6 Dec 2022

Top 4 Safety Tips To Remember In Case An Earthquake Hits Your Place

Natural calamities are unexpected events. Nature and climate can turn wild anytime, and we must be prepared to handle them and protect ourselves. Though we are technologically developed, and we have modern equipment and tools to detect these natural disasters, calamities happen everywhere even today, and we also see failure rating in protecting the people of that particular locality. Earthquake is one among the most disastrous things of the world. So here are some of the safety tips and preparation hacks that all of us have to be aware of. So let us get to the list with no further delay.

Do not agitate:

The first thing that one has to remember is not to agitate and panic when something alarming happens. In most of the cases, it is not the earthquake but the agitation that kills a whole lot of us. Agitation can cause chaos and people will lose track of what they are doing and cannot act with presence of mind. So in case if a quake hits, do not agitate, instead, help people stay in peace or evacuate to a safer place depending on the intensity of the issue.

Do not travel in packs:

Safety is more important than travelling in packs. So avoid crowding, and this will avoid panic to a greater extent. Also if you are carrying huge stuff try to retire them in safe places and move to a location that has less vibration. Carrying big bags along with you aren’t going to help you move fast.

Either an open place or a strong roof:

Depending on the place and the intensity of the earthquake the activities that you will have to carry out might vary. It is usually suggested that it is better to move to a place that can cover your head as in a strong wooden table or a cot. This way you can save your life. But also at the same time, if the intensity of the earthquake is going to cause a stronger impact, you might have to leave your belongings and rush out to save your life. Sometimes only an open space can help quick evacuation and prevents causalities.

Cooperate with the rescuing team:

With technology and zero communication gap, we are able to seek help almost immediately today. So the rescuers immediately rush to our aid, and it is also important that we look for their help as they are trained in carrying out such activities. So when the rescuers are here to help you out, it is important we corporate and helps them carry out their task. Your corporation and very much important for them to save lives. Listen to them and do as they want you to do. This way evacuation and the rescue process can take place at the earliest.