Tuesday, 6 Dec 2022
Category: Tips

Epsom Salts: Fact versus Myth

Whenever the season of spring comes, every social media platform usually gets flooded with articles and blogs that suggest the use of Epsom Salts to improve your lawn and garden. These posts compel you to believe that Epsom Salts can significantly help your garden have bigger blooms, better germination, bushier shrubs, greener grasses, and even […]

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Tips to Learn How to Grow Peonies

Peonies are one of the most wonderful flowers, which bloom during spring time and bring color to any garden. Peonies are under the Paeonia class, in the Paeoniaceae family, which are native to Asia, North America and Europe. There are almost 33 distinguished types and are one of the most well-known flowering shrubs that grows […]

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Growing Dahlias: Tips to Remember

What is Dahlia? Dahlia is a tender bulb, which is planted at the end of the spring to let it bloom beautifully during late summer. ┬áThe dahlia can make an awesome addition to any garden since it is a long-lasting cut flower. Also, this flower is a relative of the daisy. According to its flower […]

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